No.B.12024/1/2023-SEC/VC/MADC/31   :   Dated, Aizawl, the 23rd March, 2023 



                        The Deputy Commissioner


                        District Election Officer,

                        Siaha District, Siaha


Subject:           Providing facilities to Persons with Disabilities (PWD) –reg. 


                     I am directed to invite your attention regarding provision of facilities to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the ensuing General Election to Village Councils under Mara Autonomous District Councils, 2023.


                        Each elector is important for better functioning of democracy and must get his/her rights. The Electoral laws not only guarantee equality to persons with disabilities, but also make provisions for facilitating their access and participation in the election process. The Commission has further decided implementation of the directives stated below to be followed uniformly by all Districts:-


1.        All Returning Officers and Presiding Officers are to be clearly instructed to quickly identify any PWD elector who has turned up to exercise their franchisee and allow special provision as provided under Rule 60 of the Mara Autonomous District Council (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014.


2.       PWDs shall be given preference in obtaining facilities at the Polling Stations and all possible steps should be taken to ensure that PWDs are not required to wait in queue.


3.       Efforts shall be made to have active participation of PWDs in the exercise of their franchisee.


4.       Returning Officers, Presiding Officers and Polling Officers shall be specially instructed during their training sessions.


5.       All Officers & staff, police officials, etc. involved in the election process should be clearly instructed to offer extra effort in assisting the PWDs on Poll Day.


6.       Visually impaired voters shall be shall be allowed a companion of not less than 18 years of age to the voting compartment for recording of vote on the ballot paper in accordance with the PWD’s wish and if necessary for folding the ballot paper so as to conceal the vote and inserting it into the ballot box.


7.       Proper approach roads to Polling Stations shall be ensured by the District Authorities.


8.       Entrance of polling station shall be kept wide open and adequate space around the voting compartment should be ensured for wheel chair movement.


9.       Facility for separate entry should be made available for persons with disabilities wherever possible.


10.     Priority entry passes shall be issued to persons with disability certificates issued by a competent authority.


                        Kindly ensure that the instructions given be followed in letter and spirit.



Yours faithfully,




Deputy Secretary,

State Election Commission,