Dated Aizawl, the 25th July, 2023


                        Whereas, there is every likelihood that during the course of campaign in the By-Election to Local Councils, 2023 to be held on 22nd August, 2023, the Political Parties may mobilize their supporters, including from outside the Local Council Constituency, in order to bolster their campaign; and


                        Whereas, the Commission is of the view that continued presence of Political functionaries/Party workers/Procession functionaries/Campaign functionaries etc., who have been brought from outside the Local Council Constituency and who are not voters from the Local Council Constituencies concerned after Campaign period ends may undermine the atmosphere for free and fair poll;


                        Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the Mizoram Municipalities (Election to Local Councils) Rules, 2015 as amended with a view to ensuring free and fair elections, the State Election Commission hereby orders that within the period of 48 hours ending with the hours fixed for the close of Poll, i.e. between 5:00 PM of 20th August, 2023 and 5:00 PM of 22nd August, 2023, no campaign should take place within the Local Council Constituencies where By-Election is being held and Political functionaries/ Party workers/ Procession functionaries/ Campaign functionaries etc., who have been brought from outside the Local Council Constituency and who are not voters of the Local Council Constituency concerned, should not continue to remain present in the said Local Council Constituencies.


            The Commission, further, orders that the District Administration and Police Administration shall ensure that all such functionaries leave the Local Council Constituency immediately after the Campaign period is over at 5:00 PM of 20th August, 2023. This Order shall be brought to the notice of all Political Parties, Candidates and their Agents in order to enable them to comply.






State Election Commissioner,



Memo No.B.14015/1/2023-SEC/LC/14  :      Dated: Aizawl, the 25th July, 2023

Copy to:-

  1. Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram.
  2. P.S. to Chief Minister, Mizoram.
  3. P.S. to Dy. Chief Minister, Speaker, all Ministers, Dy. Speaker & Ministers of State.  
  4. Sr. P.P.S to Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram.
  5. Commissioner & Secretary, General Administration Department.
  6. Secretary, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation.
  7. Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram.
  8. Deputy Commissioner & District Municipal Election Officer, Aizawl District. 
  9. Municipal Commissioner, Aizawl Municipal Corporation.
  10. Superintendent of Police, Aizawl District, Aizawl.
  11. Director, I & PR Department for favor of wide publicity.
  12. Chairman/General Secretary, i/c Election, all Political Parties, General Headquarters, Aizawl.
  13. Guard file.






State Election Commission,