1.                  The erstwhile Chhingchhip Mualpui Village Council; with Pu Patrick Zathuama as Village Council President was dissolved vide. Govt, of Mizoram, Local Administration Department's Notification Memo.No.B-14022/28/02-LAD/VC (A); Dt. 13.8.2010.


2.                  Vide.Memo.No.B-12018/17/2003-DLAO(S)/42: Dt. 31.8,2010, the District Local Administration Officer, Serchhip District issued Order whereby Pu R. Zolura, Circle Assistant under LAD, Serchhip District was instructed and detailed to take charge of V/C. Pu R. Zolura, Circle Assistant tobk charge on 1,9,2010 from Pu Patrick Zathuama, now ex-VCP.


3.                  Village Council Advisory Board was setup for Chhingchhip Mualpui under the Chairmanship of Pu R.Zolura, Circle Assistant and VCP on Dt.7.9.2010.


4.                  It was learnt that a self-styled organisation named 'Mualpui Chhantu' was set up, whose members comprised of local residents claiming themselves to be aggrieved of the dissolution of their erstwhile Village Council.


5.                  With the so-called 'Mualpui Chhantu' at the helm, Mass Rally and burning the effigy of Pu K.Lianzuala, MLA, 27-Tuikum (ST) Assembly Constituency (parent Constituency of Chhingchhip Mualpui Village) was intended to be organised and executed on Dt. 6.9.2010.


6.                  Upon receiving information of the then impending public agitation, Pu H.Darzika,
DC & District Magistrate, Serchhip immediately detailed Pu Robert C.Lalhmangaiha,
 SDC & Executive Magistrate to Chhingchhip Mualpui to assess the existing law & order situation and to interact with leaders of 'Mualpui Chhantu' and the newly formed Village Council Advisory Board on the evening of Dt,5,9.2010, The main objective being to find an amicable solution whereby the impending agitation may be called; off/evaded.


7.                  Eventhough the said SDC & Executive Magistrate tried his level best, the so-called 'Mualpui Chhantu' were adamant and inclined to go forth with the Mass Rally and burning the effigy of Pu K.Lianzuala.


8.                  Mass Rally and burning the effigy of Pu K.Lianzuala, MLA, 27-Tuikum (ST) Assembly Constituency, was organised on Dt.6.9.2010. Magistrate on duty was Pu Robert C.Lalhmangaiha, SDC & Executive Magistrate. Police force were headed by Pu Riado, SDPO, Serchhip and Pu R.Lalnunmawia, Inpector of MRP and O/C, Serchhip P/S. Excise team were also despatched for required necessary actions. No human casualty or excessive damage occured on this day, despite brief skirmish between supporter and opposer of the Mass Rally, etc.


9.                  As of now, the situation remains calm and settled, with no new outbreak of violence or confrontation between members of so-called 'Mualpui Chhantu' and the other part.


Concluding Note : Since there is a rift in the local social atmosphere in Chhingchhip Mualpui with 'Mualpui Chhantu' on one side, arid members of Village Council Advisory Board and their supporters on the other side, appropriate precautionary measures is being taken to ward off any uninvited event. There is no report of any untoward incident till today i,e. 1.4.2011.



Dt. 1.4.2011

Deputy Commissioner,


District Election Officer,

Serchhip : Serchhip