Dated Aizawl, the 4th January, 2024


No.B.12011/1/2022-SEC/VC/185-186           : As provided under sub-rule (1), (2) & (3) of Rule 55 of the Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014 and with a view to preventing and ensuring that an elector does not vote more than once in the ensuing By-Election to Village Council, the State Election Commission, Mizoram orders that Indelible Ink shall be used for the said By-Election to Village Council, 2024. As mandated by law, the left forefinger of every elector shall be marked with Indelible Ink before he/she is allowed to vote. Accordingly, the stipulations on the use of Indelible Ink shall be as follows:-


1.         As soon as may be, after the identity of an elector has been verified by the first Polling Officer, and if there is no challenge as to the elector’s identity, his left hand forefinger will be inspected by the second Polling Officer for any indelible ink mark thereon. If no mark is seen on the finger, the second Polling Officer shall mark the elector’s left hand forefinger with indelible ink in such a way that a clear mark is left. If any elector refuses to allow his left forefinger to be inspected or marked in accordance with the instruction or has already such a mark on his left forefinger or does any act with a view to removing the ink, he shall not be allowed to vote.


2.         In case it is noticed that an elector has applied any oily or greasy substance on his finger in order to neutralize the indelible ink mark to be put on his finger, such oily or greasy substance should be removed by the Polling Officer with the help of a piece of cloth or rug before putting indelible ink mark on the finger of that elector. Piece of cloth or rug will be supplied in the Presiding Officer’s kit. 


3.         Marking of the indelible ink is required to be made before obtaining the signature/thumb impression of the elector in the Register of Voters so that by the time the elector leaves the polling station after casting his vote, there is sufficient time gap for the indelible ink to dry up and develop a distinct indelible mark on the left hand forefinger. 


4.         At the time of fresh poll (re-poll)/countermanded poll, the marking with indelible ink made during original poll should be ignored and fresh marking with indelible ink should be put on the voter’s left hand middle finger in such a way that a clear mark is left.


5.         It is clarified that if an elector has no left hand forefinger, then indelible ink should be applied on any such finger which he has on his left hand. Further, if he does not have any fingers on his left hand, the ink should be applied on his right hand forefinger and if he has no right hand forefinger, on any other finger which he has on his right hand starting with his forefinger. If he has no fingers on either hand, ink should be applied on such extremity (stump) of his left or right hand as he possesses. 





State Election Commissioner



Memo No.B.12011/1/2022-SEC/VC/185-186                        :                  Dated: Aizawl, the 4th January, 2024.

Copy to:-

  1. Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Aizawl / Serchhip / Champhai / Mamit / Kolasib and Khawzawl Districts for favour of information and necessary action. 
  2. Returning Officers & Presiding Officers for necessary action. 




State Election Commission,