Dated Aizawl, the 27th January, 2021


                        In exercise of the powers conferred under sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 of The Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014, the State Election Commission, Mizoram hereby notifies that the Model Code of Conduct for Political Parties, Candidates and Persons holding public offices is hereby enforced with immediate effect till completion of the process of re-poll of reserved seat of Darlawn Venghlun Village Council, 2020 on 5th February, 2021.


By order, etc,






State Election Commissioner,



Memo No.B.12011/1/2019-SEC/VC/Vol-IV  :   Dated Aizawl, the 27th January, 2021

Copy to:-

  1. Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram, for kind information. 
  2. P.S. to Chief Minister, Mizoram for kind information.
  3. P.S. to Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly for favour of information.
  4. P.S. to Deputy Chief Minister, all Ministers, Deputy Speaker, Ministers of State for favour of information.  
  5. P.S. to Minister, General Administration Department for kind information.
  6. Sr. PPS to Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram for kind information.
  7. PPS to Addl. Chief Secretary, General Administration Department for kind information.
  8. PPS to Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram for kind information.
  9. Secretary, Local Administration Department for kind information.
  10. Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Aizawl District for favour of information and necessary action. 
  11. Director, I&PR Department for favour of wide publicity. 
  12. General Secretary/Chairman, i/c Election, all Political Parties, Aizawl District for information and strict compliance. 
  13. General Secretary, Mizoram Peoples’ Forum for information. 
  14. Guard file.








State Election Commission,