General Election to Village Councils under CADC, 2020
Consolidated Result

No. & Name of Village Council ConstituencyName of CandidateParty
 (Elected/Not Elected)
1-Borapansury –I1ChittoBJP90Not Elected
2Lokhi NagarBJP160Not Elected
3Manga Dhan ChakmaBJP122Not Elected
4Mideya ChakmaBJP140Not Elected
5Biro Bahu ChakmaMNF295Elected
6Deepak ChakmaMNF349Elected
7Dhal Kumar ChakmaMNF365Elected
8Joy Dhan ChakmaMNF274Elected
9Naga ChakmaMNF299Elected
10Sanjoy ChakmaMNF277Elected
1Syamata Rani Chakma BJP80Not Elected
2Rohita Chakma MNF356Elected
2-Kurbalavasora1Binoy ChakmaBJP176Not Elected
2Joy Moni ChakmaBJP186Not Elected
3Kalpa Ranjan ChakmaBJP187Not Elected
4Nanda KumarBJP197Elected
5Panja Baran ChakmaBJP183Not Elected
6Santi Bikash ChakmaBJP183Not Elected
7Bidya MohanMNF200Elected
8Bikash ChakmaMNF195Not Elected
9Maya Mohan ChakmaMNF212Elected
10Nilat Pal ChakmaMNF206Elected
11Ripan ChakmaMNF202Elected
12Sneha Kumar ChakmaMNF198Elected
1Krishna Lila BJP189Not Elected
2Chube Chogi MNF207Elected
3-Boranasury1Purnajoy ChakmaBJP67Elected
2Raj Kumar ChakmaBJP67Elected
3Sama Kumar ChakmaBJP62Elected
4Shyamal Kanti ChakmaBJP60Elected
5Ashok Kumar ChakmaMNF45Not Elected
6Chandra Lal ChakmaMNF54Not Elected
7Chiba Choga ChakmaMNF49Not Elected
8Danda Dhar ChakmaMNF44Not Elected
1Maya Lila BJP69Elected
2Sona Rani Chakma MNF49Not Elected
4-Borapansury –II 1Deva Kumar ChakmaBJP421Elected
2Dhana Ban ChakmaBJP395Elected
3Gno Sindu ChakmaBJP436Elected
4Rohin ChakmaBJP440Elected
5Robin Chandro ChakmaBJP378Elected
6Rosik Moni ChakmaBJP379Elected
7Auntar ChakmaMNF368Not Elected
8Indra Ban ChakmaMNF369Not Elected
9Manu Ranjan ChakmaMNF355Not Elected
10Nanda Kumar ChakmaMNF344Not Elected
11Pramod Lal ChakmaMNF370Not Elected
12Surath Bihari ChakmaMNF321Not Elected
1Sukro Pudi Chakma BJP413Elected
2Madan Mala Chakma MNF369Not Elected
5-Ugalsury1Nobinlal ChakmaBJP195Not Elected
2Pattar Moni ChakmaBJP196Not Elected
3Pradip Ranjan ChakmaBJP211Elected
4Prasanjit ChakmaBJP208Elected
5Ragani ChandraBJP193Not Elected
6Ashok Kumar ChakmaMNF211Elected
8Mitun ChakmaMNF206Elected
9Punyo Rattan ChakmaMNF205Not Elected
10Santi Mohan ChakmaMNF200Not Elected
1Kalpana Chakma BJP204Elected
2Taranga Lota Chakma MNF201Not Elected
2Gyana Datta ChakmaBJP186Elected
3MarattuaBJP152Not Elected
4Polimbi ChandraBJP167Elected
5Ranjan Bikash ChakmaBJP164Elected
6Doyal DhanMNF153Elected
7Juddha MoniMNF137Not Elected
8Nimai ChakmaMNF121Not Elected
9Sushil KumarMNF139Not Elected
10Ussha Moni ChakmaMNF142Not Elected
1Monu Mala Chakma BJP199Elected
2Nehoja Chakma MNF128Not Elected
7-Tungasora1Birash Chandra ChakmaBJP75Elected
2Gyana Raj ChakmaBJP66Not Elected
3KalachandBJP63Not Elected
4Lokhi Kumar ChakmaBJP87Elected
5Anil ChakmaMNF69Elected
6Bagya KumarMNF72Elected
7Polin MohanMNF53Not Elected
8Reti Songa ChakmaMNF66Not Elected
1Sobika Chakma BJP77Elected
2Kala Sogi MNF60Not Elected
3Lakshi Kumar ChakmaBJP249Elected
5Prodip Kumar ChakmaBJP252Elected
6Sathi RamBJP246Elected
7Ashok ChakmaMNF192Not Elected
8Baranjoy ChakmaMNF196Not Elected
9Kalapaar ChakmaMNF191Not Elected
10Lokhi DhanMNF198Not Elected
11Nayo LokhiMNF192Not Elected
12Syama Rattan MNF189Not Elected
1Renukha Chakma BJP255Elected
2Zanjali MNF189Not Elected
9-Songrasury1Pulin BihariBJP57Not Elected
2Sanjay Gandhi ChakmaBJP56Not Elected
3Santi JibonBJP66Not Elected
4Saru Bikash ChakmaBJP56Not Elected
5Binoy BissoMNF92Elected
6Sanji Moni ChakmaMNF82Elected
7Santi MoyMNF75Elected
8Saru JibonMNF90Elected
1Surjyo Kila BJP53Not Elected
2Lokki Sova Cakma MNF94Elected
10-Gulsingbapsora1Birola Sen ChakmaBJP113Not Elected
2Sam Muni ChakmaBJP117Not Elected
3Gyana Bikash ChakmaMNF122Elected
4Prodip Kumar ChakmaMNF123Elected
5Shanti Moy ChakmaMNF124Elected
6Subash Chandra ChakmaMNF123Elected
7Sushil Bikash ChakmaMNF119Elected
8Gyana Ranjan ChakmaIND116Not Elected
9Lalit Kumar ChakmaIND116Not Elected
10Lokkiswar ChakmaIND116Not Elected
1Jedori ChakmaMNF125Elected
2Lokkhi Sita ChakmaIND114Not Elected
11-Geraguluksora1Bini Son ChakmaBJP131Elected
2Guno Sindu ChakmaBJP132Elected
3Lalit Kumar ChakmaBJP131Elected
4Pori Mal ChakmaBJP133Elected
5Sunil Kumar ChakmaBJP132Elected
6Binomoy ChakmaMNF108Not Elected
7Chandra Lal ChakmaMNF109Not Elected
8Chara Dhan ChakmaMNF107Not Elected
9Pagon Chandra ChakmaMNF113Not Elected
10Sumon ChakmaMNF112Not Elected
1Mutchu Chakma BJP128Elected
2Sundor Mala ChakmaMNF114Not Elected
12-Nakdarasora1Betal ChakmaBJP95Not Elected
2Chair Manya ChakmaBJP91Not Elected
3Ganashyam ChakmaBJP98Not Elected
4Indra Sen ChakmaBJP92Not Elected
5Alim Bihari ChakmaMNF124Elected
6Chandra Sen ChakmaMNF134Elected
7Durbassa Muni ChakmaMNF133Elected
8Sona Dhan ChakmaMNF131Elected
1Padma Sona ChakmaBJP89Not Elected
2Sarnasita ChakmaMNF136Elected
13-Bajeisora1Kamini RanjanBJP231Not Elected
2Potul KumarBJP237Elected
3Prabath KumarBJP231Not Elected
4Pulin BikasBJP241Elected
5Santi ChakmaBJP231Not Elected
6Sumoy ChakmaBJP230Not Elected
7Kina Dhan ChakmaINC2Not Elected
8Bimal Kumar MNF241Elected
9Chandi LalMNF230Not Elected
10ChiringyaMNF237Not Elected
11Hema Ranjan ChakmaMNF241Elected
12Lokki Kumar ChakmaMNF241Elected
13Rabindra LalMNF245Elected
1SonconBJP238Not Elected
2Jorina Chakma MNF244Elected
14-Baganpara1Amar Dhan ChakmaBJP180Not Elected
2Anita Sundori ChakmaBJP175Not Elected
3Buddha Kumar ChakmaBJP173Not Elected
4Lolit Chandra ChakmaBJP174Not Elected
5Samraj ChakmaBJP172Not Elected
6Sujit ChakmaBJP177Not Elected
7Lokhi Kumar ChakmaMNF225Elected
8Nilo Kanti ChakmaMNF215Elected
9Nishi Dhan ChakmaMNF218Elected
10Parimal Kanti ChakmaMNF214Elected
11Prananath ChakmaMNF210Elected
12Shyamal ChakmaMNF226Elected
1Juddha Hila Chakma BJP180Not Elected
2Pulenti Mala Chakma MNF210Elected
15-Old Bajeisora1Jal Chan Chakma BJP47Not Elected
2Mukta Nanda ChakmaBJP42Not Elected
3Sadhandra Chakma BJP48Not Elected
4Sushil Kanti ChakmaBJP57Not Elected
5Puspa Ranjan ChakmaMNF108Elected
6Sama Dev ChakmaMNF107Elected
7Shanti Bikash ChakmaMNF107Elected
8Shanti Muni ChakmaMNF106Elected
1Chamba Pudi Chakma BJP54Not Elected
2Monju Rani Chakma MNF101Elected
16-Montola1Amar Singh ChakmaBJP196Elected
2Gabinda Lal ChakmaBJP196Elected
3Maya Dhan ChakmaBJP194Elected
4Pattor ChakmaBJP183Elected
5Rashik Mohan ChakmaBJP195Elected
6Sneha Ranjan ChakmaBJP194Elected
7Anil Kumar ChakmaMNF165Not Elected
8Doyal Kumar ChakmaMNF175Not Elected
9Krishna Ratan ChakmaMNF169Not Elected
10Maya Mohan ChakmaMNF159Not Elected
11Niru Kumar ChakmaMNF162Not Elected
12Sallo ChakmaMNF164Not Elected
1Bhana Devi Chakma BJP196Elected
2Usha Devi Chakma MNF170Not Elected
17-Ugudasury ‘N’1Delip Kumar ChakmaBJP62Not Elected
2Lokhi Ranjan ChakmaBJP91Elected
3Nishi Kumar ChakmaBJP53Not Elected
4Ratna Moy ChakmaBJP65Not Elected
5Arun Chandra ChakmaMNF127Elected
6Jubokya ChakmaMNF129Elected
7Sankar ChakmaMNF127Elected
8Santimoy ChakmaMNF84Not Elected
1Shanti Loda Chakma BJP97Elected
2Menaki ChakmaMNF90Not Elected
18-Kamalanagar – II1Anna PurnaBJP233Not Elected
2Kalabua ChakmaBJP227Not Elected
3Milan BikashBJP215Not Elected
4Nua Chand ChakmaBJP208Not Elected
5R. Amaresh ChakmaBJP273Not Elected
6Ameta Bashan ChakmaINC88Not Elected
7Lokhi Kumar ChakmaINC116Not Elected
8Bidya Mangal ChakmaMNF510Elected
9Biju Muni ChakmaMNF458Elected
10Nurram ChakmaMNF527Elected
11Samiran ChakmaMNF561Elected
12Sonjita ChakmaMNF515Elected
13Tirashya ChakmaMNF495Elected
1Mrinalini Chakma BJP348Not Elected
2Sundar Mala Chakma MNF384Elected
19-Kamalanagar –I1Boruno Sen ChakmaBJP365Not Elected
2Chigona ChakmaBJP354Not Elected
3Juddho Chandra ChakmaBJP351Not Elected
4Kala Dhan ChakmaBJP341Not Elected
5Nilo Kumar ChakmaBJP409Not Elected
6Umesh Chandra ChakmaBJP345Not Elected
7Arun Bikash ChakmaINC87Not Elected
8Dayal Chandra ChakmaMNF507Elected
9Krishna Mongal ChakmaMNF438Elected
10Maya Ranjan ChakmaMNF444Elected
11Sadhana Bushan ChakmaMNF448Elected
12B. Sanjoy ChakmaMNF457Elected
13Sushi Busan ChakmaMNF455Elected
1Krishna Sova Chakma BJP437Elected
2Lokhi Soba ChakmaMNF437Not Elected
20-Aratinagar1Dhono Kumar ChakmaBJP57Not Elected
2Karnamoni ChakmaBJP57Not Elected
3Kusal Kanti ChakmaBJP54Not Elected
4Reboti Mohan ChakmaBJP59Not Elected
5Babonya ChakmaMNF90Elected
6Chandra ChakmaMNF93Elected
7Doya Mon ChakmaMNF91Elected
8Rashik Kumar ChakmaMNF76Elected
1Kinabi Chakma BJP54Not Elected
2Subadhani Chakma MNF94Elected
21-Kamalanagar – III1Ahoze ChakmaBJP387Elected
2Bimal ChakmaBJP348Not Elected
3Lallo ChakmaBJP328Not Elected
4Nigiralal ChakmaBJP368Not Elected
5Ratna Ban ChakmaBJP332Not Elected
6Rosya Moni ChakmaBJP339Not Elected
7Judha Ranjan ChakmaMNF379Elected
8Manu Ranjan ChakmaMNF379Elected
9Moni Sangka ChakmaMNF380Elected
10Nikil Ranjan ChakmaMNF370Elected
11Shanti Ranjan ChakmaMNF394Elected
12Sondya Kumar ChakmaMNF344Not Elected
1Ranga Udi Chakma BJP403Elected
2Soilo Bala Chakma MNF332Not Elected
22-Kamalanagar – IV1Anil Bikash ChakmaBJP328Elected
2Nobin Kumar ChakmaBJP328Elected
3Prema Rattan ChakmaBJP334Elected
4Sanjoy ChakmaBJP346Elected
5Sukra Charjya ChakmaBJP333Elected
6Talukdar ChakmaBJP330Elected
7Amar Bindu ChakmaINC46Not Elected
8Dhanya Ram ChakmaMNF299Not Elected
9Shri Gyana Ranjan ChakmaMNF306Not Elected
10Jorib Kumar ChakmaMNF298Not Elected
11Mrinal Kanti ChakmaMNF308Not Elected
12Prema ranjan ChakmaMNF308Not Elected
13Prana Ranjan ChakmaMNF283Not Elected
1Maya Lota Chakma BJP342Elected
2Prema Lota ChakmaMNF299Not Elected
23-Saizawh ‘W’1LalbiaktluangaBJP103Not Elected
2LalsiamlianaBJP109Not Elected
3V. Sanleiala BJP119Not Elected
5SangleikhumaINC118Not Elected
7C. Lalkulhmawia MNF136Elected
8V. Lalmuansanga MNF118Not Elected
10V. Lalthangzuala MNF120Elected
1Melody Rosangzuali INC132Elected
2Laltanpuii MNF127Not Elected
24-Rajmandal1Dilip Kumar ChakmaBJP89Not Elected
2Doya Mohan ChakmaBJP101Not Elected
3Gupallya ChakmaBJP96Not Elected
4Shyamal ChakmaBJP107Not Elected
5Shyamol Kanti ChakmaBJP69Not Elected
6Bimpeda ChakmaMNF144Elected
7Lokhi Kumar ChakmaMNF154Elected
8Monu Ranjan ChakmaMNF151Elected
9Rajesh Kumar ChakmaMNF140Elected
10Shanti Muni ChakmaMNF135Elected
11Sumity Ranjan ChakmaIND48Not Elected
1Anurupa Chakma BJP98Not Elected
2Gyanabi Chakma MNF145Elected
3Guno Lokhi ChakmaIND10Not Elected
25-Udalthana –I1Dharma RajBJP253Not Elected
2Karna Muni ChakmaBJP300Elected
3Krishna Shankar ChakmaBJP287Not Elected
4MansukBJP275Not Elected
5Naba KumarBJP285Not Elected
6Ram Chandra ChakmaBJP291Elected
7Ashini KumarMNF293Elected
8Barun Bikash ChakmaMNF277Not Elected
9Barun MalaMNF290Elected
10Dino Bondu ChakmaMNF326Elected
11Krishna Rattan ChakmaMNF316Elected
12Sanam ChakmaMNF219Not Elected
1Sunit Dar BJP277Not Elected
2Jyotsna Chakma MNF281Elected
26-Udalthana -II1Bishnu Chandra ChakmaBJP204Not Elected
2Gyana Raj ChakmaBJP205Not Elected
3Joy SinghBJP203Not Elected
4Proti Moy ChakmaBJP203Not Elected
5Ranjan Kumar ChakmaBJP205Not Elected
6Sapna Kumar ChakmaBJP204Not Elected
7Bindu Lal ChakmaMNF262Elected
8Gopal Chandra ChakmaMNF261Elected
9Kamani Kumar ChakmaMNF263Elected
10Krishno DulalMNF263Elected
11Maya Dhan ChakmaMNF266Elected
12Satish Chandra ChakmaMNF262Elected
1Fuler Mala Chakma BJP212Not Elected
2Maya Devi Chakma MNF250Elected
27-Nalbonya1Deva Muni ChakmaBJP138Not Elected
2Jubo Raj ChakmaBJP139Not Elected
3Nutan Chandra ChakmaBJP144Not Elected
4Shanti Bikash ChakmaBJP141Not Elected
5Sundor Muni ChakmaBJP152Not Elected
6Baggyo MuniMNF162Elected
7Bimal ChakmaMNF164Elected
8Ranjit Kumar ChakmaMNF161Elected
9Rupendra ChakmaMNF162Elected
10Shanti MuniMNF159Elected
1Kamala Chakma BJP136Not Elected
2Sona Chakma MNF164Elected
28-Palenosora1Bindu ChakmaBJP89Not Elected
2Dino Muni ChakmaBJP110Elected
3Lokkhiye ChakmaBJP83Not Elected
4Nilo Muni ChakmaBJP109Elected
5Chiranjit ChakmaMNF84Not Elected
6Chitrasen ChakmaMNF111Elected
7Pravat Chandra ChakmaMNF85Not Elected
8Shantimoy ChakmaMNF110Elected
1Juba Lokhi ChakmaBJP90Not Elected
2Kina Mughi ChakmaMNF107Elected
29-Ugudasury ‘S’1Ananda Kumar ChakmaBJP256Not Elected
2Bom ChakmaBJP251Not Elected
3Dipanka ChakmaBJP248Not Elected
4Sanjoy ChakmaBJP248Not Elected
5Shri Binanda ChakmaBJP253Not Elected
6Subash Basu ChakmaBJP253Not Elected
7Anil Kumar ChakmaMNF285Elected
8Bana ChakmaMNF316Elected
9Mongal Gandhi ChakmaMNF308Elected
10Renuka ChakmaMNF287Elected
11Robi Chandra ChakmaMNF312Elected
12Sadhan Chandra ChakmaMNF292Elected
1Shekhasina ChakmaBJP229Not Elected
2D. Surnita Chakma MNF231Elected
30-Jarulsury - I1Chandra Sashi ChakmaBJP76Not Elected
2Manikyo ChakmaBJP76Not Elected
3Santi Kumar ChakmaBJP79Not Elected
4Sommuni ChakmaBJP79Not Elected
5Suba Kumar ChakmaBJP75Not Elected
6Bhagya Kumar ChakmaMNF136Elected
7Biro Kumar ChakmaMNF138Elected
8Jet Bahu ChakmaMNF138Elected
9Songa Kumar ChakmaMNF138Elected
10Sukro Sarjo ChakmaMNF137Elected
1Badikyo ChakmaBJP76Not Elected
2Ridai Mala Chakma MNF134Elected
31-Jarulsury –II1Badsha Dhan ChakmaBJP80Not Elected
2Doyal Kumar ChakmaBJP63Not Elected
3Lokhi Dhan ChakmaBJP47Not Elected
4Santi Lal ChakmaBJP51Not Elected
5Subash ChakmaBJP55Not Elected
6Amita Ranjan ChakmaMNF250Elected
7Angha Dhan ChakmaMNF253Elected
8Jetin Dra ChakmaMNF240Elected
9Maya Dhan ChakmaMNF227Elected
10Ratna Kumar ChakmaMNF158Elected
11Santi Muni ChakmaMNF223Elected
12Kishor Kumar ChakmaIND89Not Elected
1Julobi ChakmaBJP70Not Elected
2Mallika ChakmaMNF228Elected
32-Mondirasora1Kala Bije ChakmaBJP204Elected
2Kina Chandra ChakmaBJP203Elected
3Proti Moy ChakmaBJP201Elected
4Ananda Kumar ChakmaMNF202Elected
5Baradha ChakmaMNF191Not Elected
6Ramesh ChakmaMNF197Not Elected
7Ranjan ChakmaMNF202Elected
8Samandra ChakmaMNF192Not Elected
9Gandaraj ChakmaIND194Not Elected
10Ratnakumar ChakmaIND190Not Elected
1Jamuna Devi ChakmaBJP203Elected
2Lokki Sita Chakma MNF192Not Elected
33-Jamersury1Chinta Muni ChakmaBJP149Not Elected
2Dhanon Joy ChakmaBJP151Not Elected
3Dharma JoyBJP162Not Elected
4KalaudoBJP151Not Elected
5Sanga KumarBJP153Not Elected
6Shanti BikashBJP148Not Elected
7Anga Joy ChakmaMNF203Elected
8Jotir Moy ChakmaMNF195Elected
9Natun Bihari ChakmaMNF194Elected
10Nutun Mohan ChakmaMNF205Elected
11Punyo SenMNF193Elected
12Subash Basu ChakmaMNF183Elected
13Lal Bihari ChakmaIND6Not Elected
1Angori ChakmaBJP142Not Elected
2Shanti RaniMNF201Elected
3Krishna LokkiIND13Not Elected
34-Adubangasora1Deva Kala ChakmaBJP92Not Elected
2Daya Mon ChakmaBJP96Not Elected
3Sureshen ChakmaBJP90Not Elected
4Tarun Kanti ChakmaBJP98Not Elected
5Kina Kumar ChakmaMNF105Elected
6Kumushya ChakmaMNF104Elected
7Lokki Dhan ChakmaMNF107Elected
8Notun Mon ChakmaMNF104Elected
1Bana Loda Chakma BJP96Not Elected
2Mukto Loda Chakma MNF110Elected
35-Ulusury1Lal Bihari ChakmaBJP137Not Elected
2Nua Ram ChakmaBJP138Not Elected
3Prabat Kumar ChakmaBJP140Not Elected
4Shanti Ranjan ChakmaBJP136Not Elected
5Sukro Charjyo ChakmaBJP139Not Elected
6Gyana Dhan ChakmaMNF169Elected
7Hemanta Kumar ChakmaMNF173Elected
8Nilo Muni ChakmaMNF169Elected
9Shanti Bijoy ChakmaMNF168Elected
10Viro Ranjan ChakmaMNF166Elected
1Ratna Mughi Chakma BJP138Not Elected
2Elina Chakma MNF168Elected
36-Ajasora - I1Jarmojoy ChakmaBJP120Not Elected
2Natun Mon ChakmaBJP113Not Elected
3Nittya Nanda ChakmaBJP124Not Elected
4Sadan Kumar ChakmaBJP119Not Elected
5Sumati Ranjan ChakmaBJP122Not Elected
6Tejendra ChakmaBJP136Not Elected
7Anil Bikash ChakmaMNF276Elected
8Chitra Moni ChakmaMNF259Elected
9Jugashor ChakmaMNF292Elected
10Khogendra ChakmaMNF257Elected
11Moloy Bikash ChakmaMNF275Elected
12Probat Chandro ChakmaMNF279Elected
1Padabi Chakma BJP135Not Elected
2Bijoya Chakma MNF258Elected
37-Ajasora – II1Bimal Kanti ChakmaBJP177Elected
2Chokho ChakmaBJP176Elected
3Nibendra ChakmaBJP169Not Elected
4Promod Chandra ChakmaBJP178Elected
5Santi Bijoy ChakmaBJP175Not Elected
6Biro Kumar ChakmaMNF174Not Elected
7Brisoketu ChakmaMNF177Elected
8Jaleshawr ChakmaMNF176Elected
9Kala Chand ChakmaMNF177Elected
10Kisto Mohan ChakmaMNF169Not Elected
1Indra Sova ChakmaBJP182Elected
2Kala Sogi ChakmaMNF173Not Elected
38-Ajasora – III1Guna Dar ChakmaBJP103Not Elected
2Niran Joy ChakmaBJP102Not Elected
3Pattar Moni ChakmaBJP106Not Elected
4Ridu Banda ChakmaBJP102Not Elected
5Babha Chandra ChakmaMNF115Elected
6Bangala ChakmaMNF115Elected
7Kala Chand ChakmaMNF116Elected
8Lokhi Dhan ChakmaMNF119Elected
1Kalabi Chakma BJP108Not Elected
2Chaya Rani Chakma MNF116Elected
39-Borkolok1Gurikia ChakmaBJP178Not Elected
2Jutir Moy ChakmaBJP187Not Elected
3Provat Chandra ChakmaBJP187Not Elected
4Satanya Lal ChakmaBJP192Not Elected
5Shanti Lal ChakmaBJP182Not Elected
6Sunilia ChakmaBJP184Not Elected
7Ammullya Rattan ChakmaMNF203Elected
8Hari Dash ChakmaMNF203Elected
9Maha Raj ChakmaMNF203Elected
10Porimal ChakmaMNF198Elected
11Rabati Ranjan ChakmaMNF208Elected
12Shadhan Mitra ChakmaMNF202Elected
1Nagari ChakmaBJP160Not Elected
2Demkuli ChakmaMNF178Elected
40-Maniabapsora –I1Ashina Kumar TongchangyaBJP88Not Elected
2Kottan TongchangyaMNF177Elected
3Pholmon TongchangyaMNF170Elected
4Ranjoy Kanti TongchangyaMNF167Elected
5Tana Kumar TongchangyaMNF158Elected
6Kubi Moni TongchangyaIND86Not Elected
7Satish Kumar TongchangyaIND127Not Elected
8Thingo Muni TongchangyaIND8Not Elected
1Lokhi Devi Tongchangya MNF188Elected
2Rangabi Tongchangya IND84Not Elected
41-Maniabapsora –II1Lalit Kumar ChakmaBJP143Elected
2Pokta ChakmaBJP147Elected
3Provat Chandra ChakmaBJP149Elected
4Shri Ripon ChakmaBJP140Elected
5Ananda Lila ChakmaMNF93Not Elected
6Chandra Bishu ChakmaMNF112Not Elected
7Mondu ChakmaMNF120Not Elected
8Rabisen ChakmaMNF117Not Elected
1Sakua Chakma BJP141Elected
2Melasaw Chakma MNF120Not Elected
42-Kukurduleya1Binod Bihari ChakmaBJP100Not Elected
2Bipul TongchangyaBJP98Not Elected
3Deva JyotiBJP164Elected
4Sapana KumarBJP71Not Elected
5Patul ChakmaMNF194Elected
6Lokhi Moy ChakmaMNF191Elected
7Mukta Lal ChakmaMNF122Not Elected
8Raj KumarMNF226Elected
9Rupantor ChakmaMNF199Elected
10Suresh Mohan ChakmaMNF198Elected
11Tung ShaiIND151Not Elected
12Borsoga ChakmaIND100Not Elected
1Seikhajina Chakma BJP120Not Elected
2Sona Mala MNF205Elected
43-Borakabakhali - I1G. Monggolo Kushal TongchangyaBJP128Elected
2Muluk TongchangyaBJP134Elected
3Shanti Kumar TongchangyaBJP119Not Elected
4Budo TongchangyaMNF167Elected
5Gullya TongchangyaMNF123Not Elected
6Gurakya TongchangyaMNF131Elected
7Puna TongchangyaMNF165Elected
8Sikul Mohn TongchangyaMNF121Not Elected
1Mattang Tongchangya MNF110Not Elected
2Maganabi TongchangyaIND131Elected
44-Borakabakhali -II1Demakkya ChakmaBJP33Not Elected
2Heman Bikash ChakmaBJP34Not Elected
3Kalabua BJP32Not Elected
4Pora ChakmaBJP34Not Elected
6Pattor ChakmaMNF62Elected
7Rangochan ChakmaMNF60Elected
8Suro Lal ChakmaMNF59Elected
1Melako Tongchangya BJP35Not Elected
2Lakshmi Pudi Chakma MNF60Elected
45-Vaseitlang –I1BadinagaBJP119Elected
2Buddha Lal TongchangyaBJP113Elected
3Lokhi Dhan TongchangyaBJP115Elected
4Ranga MelaBJP114Elected
5Adinaga TongchangyaMNF110Not Elected
6Ananda KumarMNF106Not Elected
7Buban Kala TongchangyaMNF109Not Elected
8Dhana Ratton ChakmaMNF112Not Elected
9Mukta Lota ChakmaMNF6Not Elected
10PushpomonIND107Not Elected
1Joy Moti TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
46-Chaminisora1Badi Ranjan ChakmaBJP78Not Elected
2Bana Kumar TongchangyaBJP79Elected
3BangaBJP78Not Elected
5Bhagya Nanda ChakmaMNF83Elected
6Gurob Moni ChakmaMNF75Not Elected
7Kalinga ChakmaMNF83Elected
8Purna Kumar TongchangyaMNF82Elected
1Punong Puti Tongchangya BJP77Not Elected
2Surapbi Tong MNF81Elected
3Pritimoy ChakmaBJP125Elected
4W. RobilaBJP125Elected
6W. BisilaMNF120Not Elected
7LalrinsangaMNF118Not Elected
8OtichondroMNF120Not Elected
9SijimoniMNF120Not Elected
10M. ZoramthangaMNF120Not Elected
1Bindu Boti BJP122Elected
2Hmangaihsangi MNF119Not Elected
48-Devasora ‘N’1Arun Chandra ChakmaBJP226Not Elected
2Fulo Rajyo ChakmaBJP222Not Elected
3Nilomoy ChakmaBJP227Not Elected
4Rangaudo ChakmaBJP225Not Elected
5Satyajit ChakmaBJP225Not Elected
6Uttrayan ChakmaBJP221Not Elected
7Amardhan ChakmaMNF266Elected
8Anand Kumar ChakmaMNF270Elected
9Buddha Lila ChakmaMNF267Elected
10Chigona ChakmaMNF269Elected
11Kalamanuchua ChakmaMNF268Elected
12Nadho ChakmaMNF267Elected
1Mongal Pudi Chakma BJP228Not Elected
2Romba Pudi ChakmaMNF264Elected
49- Charluitlang1Amor Chand ChakmaBJP40Not Elected
2Bhagyo MoniBJP34Not Elected
3Junomuni ChakmaMNF79Elected
5PL. SumtharaMNF62Elected
6Pc. ZoramthlanaMNF93Elected
7PL. ZoramlalaIND58Not Elected
50-Longpuighat I1Joy Kumar TongchangyaBJP160Not Elected
2Prity KumarBJP152Not Elected
3K. Rangachand TongchangyaBJP171Elected
4Robi Moy ChakmaBJP147Not Elected
5Shanti Joy ChakmaBJP149Not Elected
7Birolokkyo TongchangyaMNF158Not Elected
8Dhana MuniMNF168Elected
9Sanjoy Muni TongMNF167Elected
10Sona DhanMNF171Elected
1Prema Lota BJP140Not Elected
2Lokhi Devi MNF150Elected
51-Longpuighat –II1Doyal Chandra ChakmaBJP157Elected
2Kripa Rattan ChakmaBJP136Not Elected
3Surjyo Kumar ChakmaBJP149Elected
4Anil Bikash ChakmaMNF170Elected
5Basanta ChakmaMNF136Not Elected
6Dharas Muni ChakmaMNF136Elected
7Sandya MuniMNF140Elected
8Tredeep ChakmaMNF124Not Elected
1Bimolini Chakma BJP138Elected
2Provat Mala ChakmaMNF130Not Elected
52-Betbonya1Ananda Kumar ChakmaBJP87Not Elected
2JudistirBJP90Not Elected
3Kripa Dhan ChakmaBJP94Not Elected
4Riton ChakmaBJP105Not Elected
5Ashok Kumar ChakmaMNF124Elected
6Jodish Priyo ChakmaMNF114Elected
7Kina Dhan ChakmaMNF115Elected
8Patthor Muni ChakmaMNF113Elected
1Tolosi Bala ChakmaBJP87Not Elected
2Anjana ChakmaMNF125Elected
53-Golasury1Ashini Kumar ChakmaBJP208Elected
2Biro Kumar ChakmaBJP210Elected
3Deva Brata ChakmaBJP207Elected
4Nishi Chandra ChakmaBJP205Elected
5Priyo Moy ChakmaBJP215Elected
6Baghyo Kumar ChakmaMNF187Not Elected
7Buddha MoniMNF188Not Elected
8Lokhi Priyo ChakmaMNF186Not Elected
9Lusai Chandra ChakmaMNF179Not Elected
10Susil JibanMNF177Not Elected
1Choki Chakma BJP204Elected
2Birosh Pudi Chakma MNF192Not Elected
54-Simeisury1Indu Kumar ChakmaMNF84Elected
2Krishna Chandra ChakmaMNF95Elected
3Krishna Lal ChakmaMNF90Elected
4Prati Bindu ChakmaMNF68Not Elected
5Jona Dhan ChakmaIND79Not Elected
6Maintish ChakmaIND91Elected
1Kegori Chakma MNF65Not Elected
2Guri Mila ChakmaIND86Elected
55-Rengkashya1Bimal Kumar ChakmaBJP236Not Elected
2Binatya ChakmaBJP236Not Elected
3Bishaw MitraBJP236Not Elected
4Kina Dhan ChakmaBJP246Not Elected
5Krishna LalBJP235Not Elected
6RupayanBJP237Not Elected
7Anil Bihari ChakmaMNF270Elected
8Dibor Muni TongMNF268Elected
9Mangla Sen ChakmaMNF270Elected
10Suddha Dhan ChakmaMNF270Elected
11Surendra ChakmaMNF267Elected
12Tukmon TongMNF267Elected
1Jatan Mala Chakma BJP231Not Elected
2Surjyo Bala Chakma MNF273Elected
56-Futsury1Chitti Lal ChakmaBJP119Not Elected
2Guri Maratua ChakmaBJP111Not Elected
3Marat Chaw ChakmaBJP111Not Elected
4Nita Ranjan ChakmaBJP101Not Elected
5Padha Sen ChakmaBJP99Not Elected
6Binod Bihari ChakmaMNF233Elected
7Deba Brata ChakmaMNF218Elected
8Hari Joy ChakmaMNF260Elected
9Misshi Hala ChakmaMNF240Elected
10Sabinoy ChakmaMNF210Elected
11Singa Muni ChakmaMNF224Elected
12Bana ChandraIND115Not Elected
1Sneha Lata Chakma BJP97Not Elected
2Pushpo Pudhi MNF266Elected
57-Lukkisury1Amar Joy ChakmaBJP127Elected
2Ananga Mohan ChakmaBJP130Elected
3Bikromsen ChakmaBJP129Elected
4Der Bunga ChakmaBJP135Elected
5Kiranjoy ChakmaBJP126Elected
6Amar Dhan ChakmaMNF110Not Elected
7Anil Boran Chakma MNF113Not Elected
8Dhanan Joy ChakmaMNF109Not Elected
9Gyanalal ChakmaMNF121Not Elected
10Krisna ChakmaMNF107Not Elected
1Pada SovaBJP133Elected
2Indra MugiMNF113Not Elected
58-New Jognasury-I1Bisnu Kumar TongchangyaBJP44Not Elected
2BijuramINC43Not Elected
3Busia KanaMNF334Elected
4Chinta Kumar TongchangyaMNF337Elected
5Guluk TongchnagyaMNF337Elected
6Indisagor TongchangyaMNF334Elected
7Sankarlal TongchangyaMNF328Elected
8Thainu TongchngyaMNF310Elected
9Adik KumarIND52Not Elected
10Adorso Kumar IND47Not Elected
11IndrajitIND51Not Elected
1Chigon Mala TongchangyaMNF313Elected
2Sita DeviIND64Not Elected
59-Dursora1Chigon Chand TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
2Konya Chand TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
3Rajesh TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
4Taru MonMNFUncontestedElected
1Kalabi TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
60-Chhotaguisury –I1Bohendo TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
2Chondro TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
5Sneha Kumar TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
1Chita Devi Tongchangya MNFUncontestedElected
61-Chhotaguisury –II1GunomuniMNFUncontestedElected
3Pekua KumarMNFUncontestedElected
4Ripan KantaMNFUncontestedElected
1Chanchatota Tong MNFUncontestedElected
62-Fulsora1Debashya TongchangyaBJP31Not Elected
2Bokro ChakmaMNF120Elected
3Bosonto Kumar TongchangyaMNF105Elected
4Sunil Kanti TongchangyaMNF128Elected
5Tugo MuniMNF121Elected
1Sonpuri MNFUncontestedElected
63-New Jognasury – III1Keranga TongchangyaINC49Not Elected
2Letpu TongchangyaINC44Not Elected
3OkkiangINC45Not Elected
4Puspa Ranjan ChakmaINC46Not Elected
5Ganesh TangchangyaMNF133Elected
6Kamoapu TongchangyaMNF132Elected
7Lambasula TongchangyaMNF131Elected
8Rajyo TongchangyaMNF131Elected
1BiletiINC53Not Elected
64-Jaruldubasora1Kanak Baran ChakmaBJP109Not Elected
2Kerpudhan ChakmaBJP114Not Elected
3Prodip ChakmaBJP185Elected
4Soviron ChakmaBJP96Not Elected
5Anil Bikash ChakmaMNF206Elected
6Krishna ChakmaMNF196Elected
7Maya Kumar ChakmaMNF193Elected
8Rajani Kumar ChakmaMNF192Elected
9Shantipriyo ChakmaMNF151Not Elected
10Siddartha ChakmaMNF213Elected
1Dhanalata Chakma BJP110Not Elected
2Arunadevi Chakma MNF197Elected
65-Borailtuli1Hiran KumarBJP96Elected
2Nilo KantiBJP70Not Elected
3Punya Muni ChakmaBJP53Not Elected
4Bajyo DhanMNF65Not Elected
5Binal KantiMNF113Elected
6Doya LalMNF109Elected
7Lokki Moy ChakmaMNF108Elected
8Lokhi DhanIND53Not Elected
1Paroli MNFUncontestedElected
66-Gerasury1Baranchand Tongchangya MNFUncontestedElected
2Kegera ChakmaMNFUncontestedElected
3Khona TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
4Kunso DhanMNFUncontestedElected
1Kundol TongchangyaMNFUncontestedElected
67-Luddisora1Doya Dhan ChakmaMNFUncontestedElected
2Nungo Muni ChakmaMNFUncontestedElected
3Prema Ranjan ChakmaMNFUncontestedElected
4Shanti Moy ChakmaMNFUncontestedElected
1Kalabi Chakma MNFUncontestedElected
68-New Jognasury – II1LalzirsangaMNF149Elected
3RD. SangzelaMNF147Elected
4C. VanlalzawmaMNF114Not Elected
5D. HmangaihsangaIND104Not Elected
7KrosmawiaIND105Not Elected