Dated Aizawl, the 17th April, 2023




to provide for specification, reservation, choice and allotment of symbols in the General Elections to Chakma Autonomous District Council, 2023 for the determination of National Parties, State Parties and Registered Unrecognized Political Parties for matters connected to allotment of symbols.


WHEREAS, the superintendence, direction and control of the conduct of, all elections to Chakma Autonomous District Council are vested by the Constitution of India in the State Election Commission, Mizoram;


AND WHEREAS, it is necessary and expedient to provide, in the interest of purity of elections to Chakma Autonomous District Council and in the interest of the conduct of such elections in a fair and efficient manner, for the specification, reservation, choice and allotment of symbols, for the recognition of political parties in relation thereto and for matters connected therewith;


NOW THEREFORE, in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-rule (5) of Rule 7 of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of business, etc.) Rules, 2002 as amended and all other powers enabling it in this behalf, the State Election Commission, Mizoram orders that:-


                        Subject to the provisions laid down below, the candidates set up by a registered unrecognized political party in the General Election to Chakma Autonomous District Council mentioned above, may be allotted a common symbol, subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:


  1. Intimation of intention of contesting an election shall be given by concerned President/State President of the Political Party before the date specified for allotment of symbols to the District Election Officer & Deputy Commissioner, Lawngtlai District, Lawngtlai;
  2. The Party sets up candidates at least 10% (ten percent) of the seats to be filled in the Autonomous District Council;
  3. The party gives an undertaking that if the party does not set up the required minimum number of candidates in each constituency as prescribed in 2) above, its candidates shall not be entitled to allotment of a common symbol on the date of allotment of symbols to them; and; in addition, the party shall be liable for such punitive action as the Commission may consider appropriate.




State Election Commissioner,



Memo No.B.12021/1/2023-SEC/CADC/39 :       Dated: Aizawl, the 17th April, 2023

Copy to:-

  1. Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram.
  2. P.S. to Chief Minister, Mizoram.
  3. P.S. to Dy. Chief Minister, Speaker, all Ministers, Dy. Speaker, Ministers of State.  
  4. P.S. to Minister, General Administration Department.
  5. P.S. to Minister, District Council & Minority Affairs Department.
  6. Sr. PPS to Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram for kind information.
  7. Commissioner & Secretary, General Administration Department.
  8. Secretary, District Council & Minority Affairs Department.
  9. Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram for kind information.
  10. Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Lawngtlai District, Lawngtlai, Mizoram for information with a request to disseminate to all concerned.
  11. Election Observers, for information.
  12. RO & ARO for information and necessary action.
  13. Guard file.




Deputy Secretary,

State Election Commission,