Dated Aizawl, the 12th April, 2017


B.11011/9/2012-SEC/MADC/5 : Whereas, the State Election Commission, Mizoram has prescribed Model Code of Conduct for observance by the political parties, candidates and persons holding high public offices for the ensuing General Elections to Mara Autonomous District Council; and


Whereas, the Commission feels that there has been necessity for imposing restrictions on the activities of the Government servants during enforcement of Model Code of Conduct, i.e. from the date of announcement of election till the date of announcement of the Results.


Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under Article 243ZA of the Constitution of India read with sub-rule (5) of Rule 7 of the Mara Autonomous District Council (Constitution, Conduct of Business, etc.) Rules, 2002 as amended in 2011, the Commission hereby orders that a Government servant holding office in State Government, Central Government, Public Sector undertakings of State or Central Government, Statutory Bodies getting financial assistance from the Government within Siaha District, will come under the purview of the Code of Conduct for observance by the Government servants as follows:-


(1)   A Government servant shall remain absolutely impartial during the election and he/she shall not indulge in any campaigning activities for or against any contesting candidate or political party;


(2)   No Government servant shall subscribe in aid of, or assist in any way, any candidate;


(3)   No Government servant shall himself speak at or take active and prominent part in organizing or conducting any political meeting in connection with electioneering;


(4)   No Government servant should accompany a Minister or such other political functionaries for electioneering;


(5)   No Government servant should attend any political meeting except those who are in-charge of maintenance of law and order or those deployed for security duties;


(6)   Police Officials engaged in law and order duties shall not be construed as participating in the meeting of any candidate;


(7)   While dealing with different political parties in day to day official transaction each Government servant shall maintain absolute neutrality.  While registering cases on complaint filed by different political groups or contesting candidates or their supporters, police will take prompt steps in most impartial manner;


(8)   Violation of Code of Conduct by any Government servant will make himself/herself liable to disciplinary proceeding under the provisions of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965.







State Election Commission,



No. B.11011/5/2016-SEC/MADC/5           :       Dated Aizawl, the 12th April, 2017

Copy to:

1)   Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram for kind information of His Excellency the Governor.

2)   P.S to Chief Minister, Mizoram for kind information of Hon’ble Chief Minister.

3)   P.S to Minister, District Council & Minority Affairs Department, Mizoram for favour of information.

4)   P.P.S to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Mizoram for favour of information with a request to ensure compliance.

5)   Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram, District Council & Minority Affairs Department for favour of information and necessary action.

6)   Director, I&PR Department for favour of information and wide publicity.

7)   Deputy Commissioner, Siaha District, Siaha for information and necessary action.

8)   All Heads of District Office, Siaha District for information and compliance.

9)   Executive Secretary, Mara Autonomous District Council for information and compliance.






State Election Commission,