No. B. 12024/4/2018-SEC/VC/MADC         :        Dated Aizawl, the 16th March, 2018




                        The Deputy Commissioner


                        District Election Officer

                        Siaha District, Siaha.



Subject:        Defacement of Public Property & Display of Banners etc -regarding.



In referring to the provisions under the Mizoram Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1995 (a copy enclosed),   the Commission  hereby issues the following instructions on Defacement of Public Property and Display of Banners etc, for compliance during the electioneering of the ensuing General Election to Village Councils under Mara Autonomous District Council, 2018:-


1.   It must be ensured that no wall writing, pasting of poster or defacement in any other form, or erecting/displaying of cut outs, hoardings, banners, flags etc is permitted on any Government premises (including civil structures therein).


2.   No erecting of gate and display of banners across the road shall be permitted.


3. If any political party or a candidate indulges in defacement of any property in violation of the said Act or the above instructions, the Deputy Commissioner/ District Election Officer shall issue notice to the offender for removing the defacement/banner forthwith. If the offender does not respond promptly, the District Authorities may take action to remove the banner/defacement or prosecute the offender.



The above instructions and provisions under the Mizoram Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1995 may kindly be brought to the notice of all concerned including political parties and contesting candidates for strict compliance.



    Yours faithfully,

Enclo: As above




State Election Commission,