Sector No.Ward No.Sector MagistrateSl.NoName of Local CouncilName of Polling StationNo. of Polling Booths
1I & VIIPu HT Malsawmtluanga, Asst. Prof IASE
1SelesihGovt. Middle School1
2Durtlang North - IGovt. Primary School-IV PA2
3Durtlang North - IIGovt. Primary School-IV PB
4Durtlang – IGovt Middle School-II PA4
5Durtlang – IIGovt Middle School-II PB
6Durtlang – IIIGovt Middle School-II PC
7Durtlang - IVMC Hall Durtlang
8Durtlang Leitan – IGovt. High School, Durtlang-PA5
9Durtlang Leitan – IIGovt. High School, Durtlang-PB
10Durtlang Leitan – IIIGovt. Higher Secondary School, Durtlang-PA
11Durtlang Leitan - IVGovt. Higher Secondary School, Durtlang-PB
12Durtlang Leitan - VGovt. Higher Secondary School, Durtlang-PC
13Zuangtui – IGovt. Middle School-PA3
14Zuangtui – IIGovt. Middle School-PB
15Zuangtui - IIIGovt. Primary School Zuangtui 
16Muanna VengGovt. Primary School1
17Falkland IGovt. Primary School2
18Falkland IIYMA Hall
19Thuampui – IYMA Hall-cum-Community Hall4
20Thuampui – IIGovt. TS Middle School
21Thuampui – IIIGovt. Primary School
22Thuampui - IVGovt. Nepali Primary School
2II &IIIPu PC Laltanpuia, DCF (Hqrs)
PCCF Office
1Chaltlang – IGovt. Middle School-PA6
2Chaltlang – IIGovt. High School, Chaltlang-PA
3Chaltlang – IIIGovt. High School, Chaltlang-PB
4Chaltlang – IVGovt. Higher Secondary School-PA
5Chaltlang – VGovt. Middle School-PB
6Chaltlang – VIGovt. Higher Secondary School-PB
7Chaltlang Lily Veng – IGovt. PZ Middle School2
8Chaltlang Lily Veng – IIGovt. Primary School III
9Bawngkawn – IGovt. Middle School II PA7
10Bawngkawn – IIGovt. Middle School II PB
11Bawngkawn – IIIGovt. Primary School V
12Bawngkawn – IVGovt. Primary School I PA
13Bawngkawn - VGovt. J Thankima College
14Bawngkawn – VIGovt. Primary School I PB
15Bawngkawn – VIIGovt. Middle School-II PC
16Bawngkawn South – IYMA Hall Bawngkawn South PA2
17Bawngkawn South – IIYMA Hall Bawngkawn South PB
18Ramhlun North – IGovt. Primary School-PA6
19Ramhlun North– IIGovt. Primary School-PB
20Ramhlun North–IIIGovt. Endala Middle School-PA
21Ramhlun North–IVGovt. Endala Middle School-PB
22Ramhlun North–VGovt. Primary School-PC
23Ramhlun North–VIGovt. Endala Middle School-PC
3III & IVPi Ruatdiki Hmar
Asst. Prof., Govt. Johnson College
1Ramhlun Venglai-ILMP School3
2Ramhlun Venglai – IIGovt. Primary School
3Ramhlun Venglai – IIIGovt. Middle School
4Ramhlun Vengthar – IGovt. Primary School-II PA2
5Ramhlun Vengthar – IIGovt. Primary School-II PB
6Ramhlun Sport ComplexGovt. Buchhawna Memorial Middle School1
7Laipuitlang-IGovt. Middle School2
8Laipuitlang - IICommunity Hall
9Ramhlun South – IMHIP Hall5
10Ramhlun South – IIYMA Hall
11Ramhlun South – IIIGovt. Primary School PA
12Ramhlun South – IVGovt. Primary School PB
13Ramhlun South – VGovt. Middle School
14Ramthar North – IGovt. Primary School2
15Ramthar North – IIGovt. Middle School
16Ramthar Veng – IGovt. Middle School PA4
17Ramthar Veng – IIGovt. Middle School PB
18Ramthar Veng – IIIGovt. Primary School I PA
19Ramthar Veng – IVGovt. Primary School I PB
20Aizawl Venglai – IYMA Hall PA2

21Aizawl Venglai – IIYMA Hall PB
4V & VIPu Rony Lallianmawia
Informatic Officer, ICT
1Electric Veng – IGovt. Primary School-I PA5
2Electric Veng – IIGovt. Primary School-I PB
3Electric Veng – IIIGovt. Primary School-II PA
4Electric Veng – IVGovt. Primary School-II PB
5Electric Veng – VGovt. Pianghleia High School
6Chanmari – IGovt. Mizo High School Mc Donald Hill PA4
7Chanmari – IIGovt. Mizo High School Mc Donald Hill  PB
8Chanmari – IIIGovt. Mizo High School Mc Donald Hill  PC
9Chanmari – IV  Govt. Mizo High School PD
10Zarkawt – IGovt. Primary School2
11Zarkawt – IIGovt. Combined Middle School
12Chanmari West – IComp. Middle School Primary Section5
13Chanmari West – IIChanmari West High School
14Chanmari West – IIIGovt. Middle School PA
15Chanmari West – IVGovt. Middle School PB
16Chanmari West – VGovt. Primary School
17Edenthar – IGovt. Primary School PA3
18Edenthar – IIGovt. Primary School PB
19Edenthar – IIICommunity Hall, Edenthar
5VII & VIIIPu Lalengzuala
Informatic Officer, ICT
1Zemabawk– ICZ Huala Middle School10
2Zemabawk–IILungbial Upper Primary School
3Zemabawk–IIIGovt. Primary School II PA
4Zemabawk–IVGovt. Middle School
5Zemabawk VGovt. High School
6Zemabawk–VIMKVI Hall, Zemabawk
7Zemabawk–VIIGovt. Primary School III
8Zemabawk–VIIIYMA Hall, Zemabawk PA
9Zemabawk–IXYMA Hall, Zemabawk PB
10Zemabawk–XGovt. Primary School II PB
11Zemabawk North – IGovt. Primary School I4
12Zemabawk North – IIGovt. RKM Middle School PA
13Zemabawk North – IIIGovt. Primary School IV
14Zemabawk North – IVGovt. RKM Middle School PB
15Armed Veng South – IGovt. Primary School II4
16Armed Veng South – IIMuma Comp. Middle School-PA
17Armed Veng South – IIIMuma Comp. Middle School-PB
18Armed Veng South – IVMuma Comp. Middle School-PC
19ChiteGovt. Primary School1
6VIII, IX & XVIPu Zothansanga Ralte
SDO., Road 'N' Sub- Division-II, Aizawl Road North Div PWD
1Dawrpui – IGovt. Primary School PA3
2Dawrpui - IIGovt. Dawrpui Middle School
3Dawrpui - IIIGovt. Primary School PB
4Saron Veng – IGovt. Primary School PA2
5Saron Veng – IIGovt. Primary School PB
6Chhinga Veng – IGovt. Middle School-PA5
7Chhinga Veng – IIGovt. Middle School-PB
8Chhinga Veng – IIIKVM High School-PA
9Chhinga Veng – IVKVM High School-PB
10Chhinga Veng – VKVM High School-PC
11Tuithiang – IGovt. Middle School-PA2
12Tuithiang – IIGovt. Middle School-PB
13Armed Veng  – IGovt. Primary School-I PA4
14Armed Veng  – IIGovt. Middle School PA
15Armed Veng  – IIIGovt. Primary School-I PB
16Armed Veng  – IVGovt. Middle School PB
17Bethlehem – IGovt. Middle School PA6
18Bethlehem – IIGovt. Bethlehem Middle School
19Bethlehem – IIIGovt. Middle School PB
20Bethlehem IVGovt. Primary School-III PA
21Bethlehem VGovt. Middle School PC
22Bethlehem VIGovt. Primary School-III PB
7X & XIPu Allen Varun Vanlalhriata Pundir
Asst. Director, IF&SL
1Luangmual–IGovt. Primary School-I4
2Luangmual–IIGovt. Middle School PA
3Luangmual–IIICh. Chhunga High School
4Luangmual - IVGovt. Middle School PB
5Chawlhhmun–IGovt. Comp. Middle School-PA4
6Chawlhhmun–IIGovt. Primary School
7Chawlhhmun-IIIGovt. Comp. Middle School-PB
8Chawlhhmun-IVGovt. Middle School
9Tanhril–IGovt. Middle School3
10Tanhril–IIGovt. Primary School I
11Tanhril–IIICommunity Hall
12Sakawrtuichhun - IGovt. Middle School2
13Sakawrtuichhun - IIGovt. High School
14TuivamitGovt. Primary School1
15Central Jail VengUpper Primary School1
16Zonuam–IGovt. Primary School PA3
17Zonuam–IIGovt. Middle School
18Zonuam - IIIGovt. Primary School PB
19Govt. Complex – IGovt. Complex Primary School2
20Govt. Complex – IIGovt. Middle School
8XII & XIIIPu H. Laldinsanga
Lecturer DIET
1Tuikual North – IGovt. Middle School PA4
2Tuikual North – IIGovt. Middle School PB
3Tuikual North – IIIMICE School
4Tuikual North – IVMICE School
5Tuikual  South – ICommunity Hall PA4
6Tuikual South – IICommunity Hall PB
7Tuikual South – IIIGovt. Primary School III
8Tuikual South – IVGovt. Middle School
9Dinthar – IGovt. Primary School II7
10Dinthar – IIDinthar YMA Hall PA
11Dinthar – IIIGovt. Middle School II PA
12Dinthar – IVGovt. Middle School II PB
13Dinthar – VGovt. Middle School I
14Dinthar VIGovt. Primary School I
15Dinthar VIIDinthar YMA Hall PB
16Dawrpui Vengthar – IGovt. Aizawl West College PA4
17Dawrpui Vengthar – IIGovt. KM High School PA
18Dawrpui Vengthar – IIIGovt. KM High School PB
19Dawrpui Vengthar – IVGovt. Aizawl West College PB
20Vaivakawn – ICultural Centre cum Auditorium YMA Hall PA4
21Vaivakawn – IICultural Centre cum Auditorium YMA Hall PB
22Vaivakawn – IIIZohnuai Govt. Primary School
23Vaivakawn - IVCultural Centre cum Auditorium YMA Hall PC
9VI, X &     XIPu Rothuama Tochhawng
Depy Director, ATI
1Kanan – IGovt. Middle School4
2Kanan – IIGovt. Primary School
3Kanan – IIIMultipurpose Community Hall PA
4Kanan – IVMultipurpose Community Hall PB
5Chawnpui-IGovt. Middle School4
6Chawnpui–IIGovt. Chawnpui High School
7Chawnpui–IIIGovt. Primary School
8Chawnpui–IVGovt. Model Middle School
9Zotlang – ICommunity Hall-PA3
10Zotlang – IICommunity Hall-PB
11Zotlang - IIIGovt. Middle School
12P.T.C. LungverhBadminton Hall1
13RangvamualGovt. Primary School1
14PhunchawngGovt. Primary School2
15Phunchawng - IIRMSA Building
16Hunthar – IGovt. Primary School3
17Hunthar – IIGovt. Middle School PA
18Hunthar – IIIGovt. Middle School PB
10XIV & XIXPu Zothanzauva
Informatic Officer, ICT
1Khatla – IGovt. Nepali Middle School6
2Khatla – IIGovt. Primary School I
3Khatla - IIIGovt. JL High School PA
4Khatla – IVAnganwadi New Secretariat Complex
5Khatla – VKhatla Branch YMA In
6Khatla - VIGovt. JL High School PB
7Khatla East-IThanbuka Middle School2
8Khatla East-IIYMA In Section II
9Khatla South – IGovt. Primary School (First Floor)2
10Khatla South– IIYMA Hall
11Mission Vengthlang – IGovt. Middle School PA5
12Mission Vengthlang – IIGovt. Primary School PA
13Mission Vengthlang – IIIGovt. Primary School PB
14Mission Vengthlang – IVGovt. Middle School PB
15Mission Vengthlang – VGovt. Primary School PC
16Saikhamakawn IGovt. Primary School2
17Saikhamakawn - IIMHIP In
18MelthumCommunity Hall1
19Hlimen – IGovt. Primary School-I PA3
20Hlimen – IIGovt. Middle School II
21Hlimen – IIIGovt. Primary School-I PB
11XV & XVIIIPu Lalzuala
1Bungkawn – ISaihnuni Sailo Memorial School4
2Bungkawn – IICommunity Centre
3Bungkawn – IIIYMA In
4Bungkawn – IVYouth Recreation Centre
5Bungkawn Vengthar – IGovt. Primary School (Ground Floor)2
6Bungkawn Vengthar – IIYMA Hall-cum-Middle school
7Maubawk – IGovt. Primary School I-PA4
8Maubawk – IIGovt. Primary School I-PB
9Maubawk – IIIGovt. Primary School II
10Maubawk - IVGovt. Middle School
11LawipuGovt. Primary School1
12Nursery Veng – IGovt. Model English School3
13Nursery Veng–IIGovt. Vengthlang Primary School
14Nursery Veng - IIIGovt. Middle School
15Tuikhuahtlang – IYMA Hall Top Floor2
16Tuikhuahtlang – IIYMA Hall First Floor
12XVI, XVII & XVIIIPu Vanlalruatfela Hlondo
Asst. Prof., IASE
1Venghlui – IGovt. Primary School PA3
2Venghlui – IICentral Hall
3Venghlui – IIIGovt. Primary School PB
4Repbulic – IGovt. Primary School PA4
5Republic – IIGovt. Primary School PB
6Republic – IIICommunity Hall
7Republic – IVCommunity Hall
8Upper Republic – ISSA Middle School2
9Upper Republic – IICommunity Hall
10Republic Vengthlang – IGovt. T Romana College PA2
11Republic Vengthlang – IIGovt. T Romana College PB
12Bethlehem Vengthlang – IGovt. Middle School -I6
13Bethlehem Vengthlang – IIGovt.Primary School-II  PA
14Bethlehem Vengthlang – IIIGovt.Middle School-I (T.T. Hall)
15Bethlehem Vengthlang – IVBethlehem Vengthlang High School
16Bethlehem Vengthlang – VRev. Thianga Primary School
17Bethlehem Vengthlang–VIGovt.Primary School II PB
18College Veng – IModel English Medium Primary School PA3
19College Veng – IIModel English Medium Primary School PB
20College Veng – IIIGovt. Venghlui Middle School, College Veng
21I.T.I. Veng - ICommunity Hall-PA5
22I.T.I. Veng – IICommunity Hall-PB
23ITI Veng – IIIGovt. Primary School
24ITI Veng – IVAnganwadi Building
25ITI Veng – VGovt. ITI Veng Middle School
13XVIII & XIXEr. Malcolm Lalhmingliana
SDO, Sewerage & Drainage Aizawl East Division (PHED)
1Mission Veng – IDYO Hall5
2Mission Veng – IIGovt. Boys Primary School
3Mission Veng – IIIGovt. Boys Middle School
4Mission Veng – IVGovt. Aizawl College
5Mission Veng – VGovt. Mamawii HSS
6Model VengGovt. Comp. Model School1
7Salemveng – IGovt. Primary School II PA4
8Salemveng – IIGovt. Primary School II PB
9Salemveng – IIIGovt. Hrangchhunga High School
10Salem Veng IVGovt. Middle School
11DamvengGovt. Primary School1
12Venghnuai – IRokunga Hall PA2
13Venghnuai – IIRokunga Hall PB
14ThakthingThakthing Zawlbuk1
15Kulikawn – ILocal Council House PA6
16Kulikawn – IILocal Council House PB
17Kulikawn – IIIYMA Hall PA
18Kulikawn – IVGovt. Middle School
19Kulikawn VHealth Worker School
20Kulikawn VIYMA Hall PB
21Tlangnuam – ICommunity Hall PA5
22Tlangnuam-IIGovt. Primary School II
(Tlangnuam Vengthar)
23Tlangnuam – IIICommunity Hall PB
24Tlangnuam- IVGovt. VZBM Middle School
25Tlangnuam - VYMA Building, Khuangchera Run