No. B. 12011/1/2019-SEC/VC/Part IV









Dated Aizawl, the 5th February, 2021.


Subject :         Aizawl District chhunga Darlawn Venghlun Village Council (Reserved Seat) Re-poll tluang taka neihzawh  a ni.


                        State Election Commission chuan ni 27.08.2020 leh 04.09.2020 te khan Mizoram chhunga District 9 (pakua)-ah Village Council inthlanpui a lo buatsaih tawh a, he intlanpuiah hian result tih chhuah vek a nih hnuin danin a phalsak anga he inthlanpui neih taka candidate-te’n Election Petition an theh luh theih hun chhunga sawi buai tur an neih te, an lungawi lohna chi hrang hrang State Election Commission-ah an theh lut a, heng lungawi lohna te ching fel tur hian Rule 86 of the Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014 in thu neihna a pek angin ni 05.10.2020 khan State Election Commission chuan Election Tribunal a ruat a. Election Tribunal-te’n an thu buai ngaihtuah turte an ngaihtuah hnuin Aizawl District chhunga Darlawn Venghlun Village Council a Reserved Seat chu inthlan that a lo ngai ta a. Election Tribunal thu thlukna bawh zuiin State Election Commission chuan Darlawn Venghlun Village Council (Reserved Seat) Member thlan that (repoll) ni tur atan 5.2.2021 a ruat angin, inthlan thatna (repoll) chu tluang taka neih a ni.   


Darlawn Venghlun Village Council-a Reserved Seat leh Voter awmzat


Reserved Seat                                                :           1

Total Voters                                                     :           1333

Male Voters                                                     :           632

Female Voters                                                :           701


Voter Turnout:


Vote thlak zawng zawng                                 :           867      

Mipa Voters                                                     :           418

Hmeichhe Voters                                            :           449

Za zel a Vote tla zat                                        :            65.04% 



Political Party Seat  lakdan:





Mizo National Front



Zoram Peoples’ Movement




                        Darlawn Venghlun Village Council Reserved Seat inthlan thatna neih a thlan tlin thar chu a hnuai table a tarlan ang hi a ni: 

No & Name of Village Council

Name of Elected Candidate




Darlawn Venghlun









                        Darlawn Venghlun Village Council (Reserved Seat) atan a vote thlak thatna neihah hian harsatna awm lovin inthlanna tluang taka neih a ni a, he inthlanna atana mawhphurtu ber Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Superintendent of Police, Assistant District Election Officer, Sector Officer, Returning Officer, Presiding Officer, Polling Officer, Booth/Village Level Officer leh Police force-te inpekna avangin inthlanna tluang taka zawh fel a ni a, State Election Commission chuan an chungah lawmthu a sawi a ni.


            COVID-19 hripui laka mipuite him theihna tura State Election Commission-in General Election to Village Councils neih zawh taka inkaihhruaina a tih chhuahte keng kawh zui tura District thu neitute thu a pek angin, District thu neituten dan leh thupek mipuite zawm tur an tih chhuahte mipui ten felfai taka zawm a nih avangin inthlanna tluang taka neih a ni. 


            Inthlan chungchanga mipuite leh political party te leh candidate te hriat tur pawimawh State Election Commission-in a tih chhuah, thu thar, rang taka min puan chhuahsak thintu Information & Public Relations Department-a thawk zawng zawngte leh Media-te hnenah State Election Commission chuan lawmthu a sawi bawk a ni.


                        State Election Commission, Mizoram chuan Village Council member thlan thar te lawmpuina a hlan a, hripui leng kara Democracy innghahna pawimawh tak Village Council inthlanna ti hlawhtling tura Darlawn Venghlun khaw mipui, vote thlaktu zawng zawng te chungah lawmthu a sawi bawk a ni.



By Order etc. of State Election Commissioner






Deputy Secretary,

State Election Commission,