Dated Aizawl, the 13th November,2017


Subject :         Schedule of By-Election to 1/3 Durtlang Local Council, 2017.


Aizawl Municipal Council hnuaia Durtlang Local Council member boral avangin a hmun ruak hi hnawhkhah nan inthlan hi buatsaih a ni dawn a. Constitution of India - Article 243K leh 243Z in thuneihna a pek dungzuia sub-rule (1) of Rule 15 of The Mizoram Municipalities (Ward Committee and Local Council) (Third Amendment) Rules, 2015 leh sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 of The Mizoram Municipalities (Election to Local Council) Rules, 2015 in mawhphurhna a pek angin State Election Commission, Mizoram chuan Aizawl Municipal Corporation chhunga Durtlang Local Council hmun ruak hnawhkhah nan 8th December, 2017 (Zirtawpni) hian inthlan buatsaih dawn a ni.


1. Local Council : A chunga kan sawi tak angin Durtlang Local Council a member pakhat thihna avanga hmunruak pakhat hnawhkhah nan Rule 17 of The Mizoram Municipalities (Election to Local Councils) Rules 2015 in a sawi angin MLA roll thar ber chu draft roll ah hmangin kum tling teh nan 1.1.2017 behchhanin Electoral Roll siam thar vek a ni a.


2. Identification of Electors :  Vote thlak turte chuan an nihna tichiang turin Election Commission of India-in an siam EPIC an keng ngei tur a ni a, an neilo anih chuan mahni nihna ti chiang thei tur Identity Card dang an keng tur a ni.


            Vote thlak anih dawn in vote – ‘neitu dik tak a ni’ tih chian theih anih loh chuan vote an thlak ve thei lovang.


3. Dan leh thupek :  Inthlanna felfai leh muanawm kan neih theih nan dan leh thupek kenkawh kawngah District Magistrate leh Superintendent of Police te beisei an ni.  Eng thil mahin Inthlanna hi a tibuai tur a ni lo.


4. Election Officials :  Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl chu District Municipal Election Officer atan ruat a ni a, Election Officer, Aizawl pawh Assistant District Municipal Election Officer atan ruat a ni.  Returning Officer, Asst. Returning Officer, Presiding Officer leh Polling Officer atan hian mi rintlak tak takte ruat an ni.


5. Conduct of Officials :  State Election Commission chuan inthlan a buatsaihna a mawhphurtu tupawh in duh sak bik emaw hlauh bik emaw an neih a rem ti lova, a lai thei ang bera hnathawk tura beisei an ni.  An zavai hian inthlan zawh hma chu State Election Commission hnuaiah deputation a kal anga ngaih an ni a, Commission thuneihna hnuaiah an thawk a ni.


6. Ballot Box leh Ballot Paper :  He By-Election ah hian Ballot Box hman tur a ni anga.  Inthlan neih tur hi General Seat anih avangin Ballot Paper var hman tur a ni ang.


7. Indelible Ink :  Vote thlak nawn leh mi aia vote thlak tumte ven nan vote thlaktute kut veilam zungchal tin leh vuna kai telin Indelible Ink hnawih vek tur a ni ang.


8. Common Election Camp : Party worker-te inkara boruak tha lo pumpelh nan Polling Booth bulah Political Party-te leh Candidate-te awmkhawm nan Common Election Camp pakhat chauh siam phalsak a ni, he camp hi mawlmang thei ang bera siam tur a ni.  Flag te, Poster te, Symbol te leh thuziak, Political Party emaw Candidate lam kaihhnawih ziahna engmah tar loh tur a ni.  He camp-ah hian pawm tlan theih tuemaw in a ho ang.


9. Local Council Term :   Tun tum By-Election a Local Council member thlan thar term hun chhung hi General Election to Local Council 2015 term tawp rualin a tawp ang.


10. Model Code of Conduct :  He By-Election ah hian dan pangngai ang thlapin Model Code of Conduct a awm anga, chu chu vawiin atangin Durtlang Local Council Constituency huamchhungah chauh lekkawh a ni ang. He Model Code of Conduct hian Political Party zawng zawng, Contesting Candidate zawng zawngte, Minister-te, Parliamentary Secretary-te, Member of Parliament-te, MLA-te, Municipal Councillor-te leh Local Council inthlannaa inhnamhnawih Public Servant te a huam ang.


Schedule of Election :



Announcement of Schedule of Election by the State Election Commission, Mizoram

13th November, 2017



Issue of Notification of Election by the State Election Commission, Mizoram

13th November, 2017



Issue of Notice of Election by the Returning Officer

13th November, 2017



Last Date for Filing of Nomination

20th November, 2017



Scrutiny of Nominations

21st November, 2017



Last Date for Withdrawal of Nominations

23rd November, 2017


Up-to 11:00 A.M.


Allotment of Symbols

23rd November, 2017


Between 1:00 – 4:00 P.M.


Poll Day

8th December, 2017


(7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.)


Counting of Votes

8th December, 2017


(Counting of votes shall commence as soon as poll is over)


Re-Poll (if any)

9th December, 2017


(7:00 AM – 4:00 P.M.)


Date on which Election process shall be completed

13th December, 2017



11. Appeal :  State Election Commission chuan inthlanna fel fai leh muanawm kan neih theih nan inthlan buaipuitu, Political Party te, Media te, NGO te leh mipui tawiawmna a ngen a.  Mipui duhthlanna kal tlanga tualchhung inrelbawlna tha tak kan neih zui zel theih nana theih tawp chhuah theuh turin mitin te a sawm a ni.



By Order etc.






State Election Commission,



Memo No.B.14015/1/2017-SEC/LC                    :         Dated Aizawl, the 13th November, 2017

Copy to :-

1. Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram for favour of information.

2. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Mizoram for favour of information.

3. P.S. to Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly for favour of information.

4. P.S. to all Ministers for favour of information.

5. P.S. to Minister, UD & PA Deptt. etc. for favour of information.

6. P.S. to all Ministers/ Dy. Speaker & Ministers of State for favour of information.

7. P.P.S. to Chief Secretary, Govt. of Mizoram for favour of information.

8. P.P.S. to Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram for favour of information.

9. Secretary to the Govt. of Mizoram, Local Administration Department.

10. Controller, Printing & Stationery Deptt. for favour of publication in the Mizoram Gazette.

11. Director, I&PR Deptt. for favour of wide publicity.

12. Director, UD&PA Deptt. for favour of information.

13. Deputy Commissioner & District Municipal Election Officer, Aizawl District.

14. General Secretary, BJP/ INC/ MNF/ MPC/ ZNP.

15. General Secretary, MPF General Headquarters, Aizawl.

16. Guard File.





Sd/- Secretary,

State Election Commission,