No. B.12011/1/2019-SEC/VC/Vol-IV








Dated Aizawl, the 3rd December, 2020



            In exercise of the powers conferred under sub-section (7) of Section 3 of the Lushai Hills District (Village Councils) (Amendment) Act 2014 read with sub-rule (1) of Rule 3 and Rule 37 of the Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014 and in pursuance of this Commission’s Notification No. B. 12011/14/2020–SEC/VC              Dt. 24.11.2020, wherein the decision of the Election Tribunal for Serchhip District declaring the election of the returned candidates in the recently held general elections to VC03027 – N. VANLAIPHAI as void has been notified as per Rules 89(4) of the Mizoram (Election to Village Councils) Rules, 2014, the State Election Commission, Mizoram hereby calls upon every elector of N. Vanlaiphai Village Council Constituency under Serchhip District to re-elect members of their Village Council on 10th December, 2020 (Thursday).  

            Accordingly, the State Election Commission, Mizoram, hereby publishes the Schedule for re-poll to constitute N. Vanlaiphai Village Council, 2020 as follows:-



Sl. No. 

Stages of Election



Date of Poll

10.12.2020 (Thursday)

(7:00 AM - 4:00 PM)


Date of Re-poll, if any

11.12.2020 (Friday)

(7:00 AM - 4:00 PM)


Counting of Votes (Counting of Votes shall commence  as soon as possible after the close of the poll)

10.12.2020 (Thursday)


Last date for formation of Executive Body & Date by which election process shall be completed

17.12.2020 (Thursday)




By order, etc,






State Election Commissioner,









Memo No.B.12011/1/2019-SEC/VC-Vol-IV : Dated: Aizawl, the 3rd December, 2020

Copy to:-

  1. Secretary to the Governor of Mizoram, for kind information. 
  2. P.S to Chief Minister, Mizoram for kind information. 
  3. P.S. to Speaker, Mizoram Legislative Assembly for favour of information.
  4. P.S. to Deputy Chief Minister, all Ministers, Deputy Speaker, Minister of State for favour of information.  
  5. P.S. to Minister, General Administration Department for kind information.
  6. Sr. PPS to Chief Secretary, Government of Mizoram for kind information.
  7. PPS to Addl. Chief Secretary, General Administration Department for kind information.
  8. PPS to Chief Electoral Officer, Mizoram for kind information.
  9. Secretary, Local Administration Department for kind information. 
  10. Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Serchhip District for favour of information and necessary action.
  11. Controller, Printing & Stationery Department for favour of publication in the Mizoram Gazette (soft copy enclosed).
  12. Director, I&PR Department for favour of wide publicity.
  13. Superintendent of Police, Serchhip District for information and necessary action.
  14. Guard file.





State Election Commission