General Election to Mara Autonomous District Council, 2022

Date of Poll : 05.05.2022


Press Notes

- Result of Election

- Schedule of Election


- Result of Election

- Appointment of Executive Members

- Appointment of Pu M. Laikaw as Opposition Leader

- Election of Pu M. Manasia as Deputy Chairman of MDC, MADC

- Election of Pu N. Viakhu as Chairman of MDC, MADC

- Schedule of Election

- Enforcement of MCC

- Code of Conduct for Govt Officials

- Documents for ID Proofs

Orders/ Circulars

- Campaign Period

- Defacement of public property & Display of Banners, etc.

- Prohibition of Smoking & Use of Mobile Phones

- Restriction on use of vehicle on Poll Day

- Affidavit to be furnished by a candidate